HuntsvilleWest Code of Conduct

HuntsvilleWest Coworking is dedicated to providing a productive, welcoming, and collaborative working environment for members and guests. Below are our main values and should be kept in mind as we conduct ourselves as members and guests.

The highlighted code of conduct guidelines flow from the values. Rather than providing an exhaustive rule-book our goal is to empower all members to become accountable stewards of our coworking community and the space we share.

This code of conduct outlines our expectations for everyone who uses the space, whether as a coworker or as an organizer or attendee of meetups and other events taking place here. The code of conduct applies not only in our space, but also online networks, at all related events, and in one-on-one communications carried out in the context of community business. It also states the consequences of violating these expectations.



As HuntsvilleWest members, we are expected to be good stewards and ensure we keep it productive, welcoming, collaborative and enjoyable for all. This starts with leaving the workspace as if nobody used it, throwing away your trash, etc. Organizing, wiping surfaces and other small tasks can make a huge difference, the other members will appreciate it and you will be setting a good example to follow.

Coworking is not just a space with resources, but also being part of a community. Participate in an authentic and proactive way, exercising consideration and respect in your speech and actions with other members and guests.

Gaining access after hours

As a new individual member, you should go through a 30 day waiting period before getting 24/7 access. This will allow you to learn the coworking ropes at HuntsvilleWest and to get to know some existing members. Once the 30 day period is over, you can gain 24/7 access by getting 3 existing 24/7 members to vouch for you.


Shared rooms, resources, and services of HuntsvilleWest, like the library, are quite open by design. In these areas, it is important to watch our behavior: whether talking, eating, interrupting, or otherwise engaging with your coworkers or guests, please be mindful of the people around you.

Conversation Volume

Loud conversations tend to be distracting to those around you making it difficult to focus. Be mindful and use your “inside voice” at all times. If you need to take a call, plan it so you can use a meeting room or a phone booth, or just go to another part of the building if possible.

Headphone Rule

if you see someone with their headphones on, it means they are “in the zone” please do not start conversations until they take them off.


A friendly demeanor is appreciated. Make it a point to get to know other members, even if that means stepping out of your comfort zone: say hello to your neighbors, and do your best to get to know them!  

We strive to offer events and activities to help encourage socialization directly or through partners. Attend as many as you can and we promise you will make friends, and learn a thing or two in the process!

Unacceptable behaviors

Intimidating, harassing, abusive, discriminatory, derogatory, or demeaning speech or actions by any participant in our space, online networks, and in all related events and communications.

Harassment includes, but is not limited to, reasonably offensive verbal comments related to gender, gender identity and expressed sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity or religion; sexual images in public spaces; deliberate intimidation; stalking; following; harassing photography or recording; sustained disruption of talks or other events; inappropriate physical contact; and unwelcome sexual attention.

Impact trumps intention –Recognize the effects of your actions are more important than your intent.

Intervene directly (or find someone to help) when witnessing abusive behavior of any degree. Alert the HuntsvilleWest staff, event organizers or community leaders if you notice a dangerous situation, someone in distress, or violations of this code of conduct, even if it seems inconsequential. Coworkers asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately. You can also send your report via email to


We strive to go beyond working in the same space by working with each other. We can achieve this by looking for opportunities to overlap, connect and interact. To achieve a truly collaborative community we need to actively pursue opportunities to collaborate and participate, thus growing our mutual friendships and trust.

No solicitation

If somebody is interested in your services they will ask in conversation.  People are here to work not to be sold your services.

Sharing Ideas

Ideas can be powerful and valuable.  Sharing ideas is a large part of the coworking experience, and we want to encourage our members to feel free to share their ideas with fellow coworkers in order to spur creativity. However, if one coworker’s idea is disclosed to the public or used by another, trust among our members erodes and they will be less inclined to share their ideas, defeating HuntsvilleWest’s goal of building a lasting coworking community.  Should a coworker share an idea with you, please be mindful that the idea may be valuable to your coworker, do not share the idea with third parties or use the idea as your own.


HuntsvilleWest has a number of spaces and resources that are available to members and community organizations and initiatives for public events. The primary purpose of HuntsvilleWest is to serve and support its coworking members and their guests.

1. expectations

Our space has been designed to facilitate serendipitous collisions. Therefore, while your event is going on there might be people walking by or meeting in nearby spaces and offices. We encourage member-led events that are open and inclusive both within and outside the HuntsvilleWest community. 

We cannot guarantee privacy in our shared spaces such as the Library, Hallways, or Cafetorium. If you need privacy, we strongly encourage you to book our meeting rooms.


Our space and furniture are flexible to accommodate different event setups. Please respect the space as your own. This includes returning everything to the way you found it and understand that other groups will be meeting in the space after you and would like it to be the same great experience you had. Before your first event we will ask you to book a time with our staff to be trained in the space, equipment, and associated processes such as setup, cleanup, parking, and security. Event organizers are responsible to staff and execute all logistical activities associated with the event including but not limited to: setup, cleanup, signage, traffic control, and security. HuntsvilleWest might be able to provide staffing for these activities for a fee.


As a member you are accountable for your guests. Guests cannot stay at the space without a member except when waiting at the lobby or at the lounge during office hours. Members are encouraged to share this Code of Conduct with visitors, as we expect everyone to understand and abide by our values and help us build and nurture our community. Your guests and their actions are your responsibility.


Before an event can be approved, the event organizer must submit an application form to HuntsvilleWest. We reserve the right to refuse events for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: conflict with this Code of Conduct, undue strain our current infrastructure, or conflict of interest for us or our members.


For events involving rental of shared spaces or specialized rooms like the training room or the cafetorium fees might apply. HuntsvilleWest reserves the right to waive fees in case of free community events that are aligned with its overarching mission as a coworking space and incubator.  HuntsvilleWest also reserves the right to request a security deposit for events with 50 or more people to cover potential damages and loss of property in the space.


Supervised minors are allowed at HuntsvilleWest. Here are some basic things to consider when bringing your child to our space:


Children, especially at certain ages might not be a good fit for a shared office. We may have high volumes of unfamiliar people or other children and even pets, so it’s important that children at HuntsvilleWest are not loud or disruptive within the work environment. Children must use their inside voice at all times. Running/playing around the facility is strictly prohibited.


If you bring your child, you are responsible for him/her at all times. Also, you should never leave your child unattended in our premises. If you want to bring your child, you should let us know in writing and provide emergency contact information in case an issue arises with the child and you can’t be found.


We have designated the Corner Meeting Room as a child-friendly space for coworking; your private office is also an appropriate space to work with your child. Supervised children might be allowed in other spaces depending on their behavior and as long as they are not disruptive to other coworkers. Any complaints about minors by members and visitors will be closely examined, and we will request that disruptive or unsupervised minors be removed from the space.


If you plan to bring your child you will be asked to sign a waiver of liability.


Well behaved, healthy dogs are allowed at HuntsvilleWest. Here are some basic things to consider when bringing your pet to our space:


Dogs visiting HuntsvilleWest must be fully house-trained, well behaved, and not aggressive. Owner will not bring their dog that is ill or behaving abnormally and will remove the dog from the premises if it becomes ill while on property.  Owner will not bring a dog that has bitten or is aggressive, destructive, or loud.


Prior to bringing your dog to HutsvilleWest, the owner agrees to maintain copies of the dog’s pertinent medical information on premises and agrees to the following minimum requirements.

  • All vaccinations, including bordetellosis, are complete and current.
  • Parasite control is being done on a routine basis and the dog is free of ticks and fleas.
  • The dog has no recent history (6 months) of infection or ringworm.

If you bring your dog, you are responsible for it at all times. You should never leave your dog unattended in our premises. Owners must use a leash while walking the dog and when the dog is in common/shared areas. You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet both inside and outside the building. Owner must keep a supply of plastic bags with ties at all times and is responsible for the appropriate disposal of dog waste.


Coworkers or guests who have allergies and/or fears will not be subjected to situations within their immediate work environment that exacerbates these conditions. Complaints about dogs by members and guests will be closely examined, and we will request that disruptive pets be removed from the space.


Dogs are allowed in your office suite, and might be allowed in coworking spaces depending on their behavior and as long as they are not disruptive to other coworkers. Dogs can be walked in the South lawn and the East lawn. Dogs are not allowed in the kitchen, food preparation areas, restrooms, mechanical rooms, and any such areas as designated by the building manager.


If you plan to bring your dog you will be asked to sign a waiver of liability.


1. Consequences of Violations

Unacceptable behavior from any member, including event organizers, staff, and guests, will not be tolerated. Anyone asked to cease a violating behavior is expected to comply immediately and will be asked to leave the premises.

We may additionally decide to take any action we deem appropriate, including, but not limited to, a temporary or permanent ban from HuntsvilleWest without warning and without refund of prepaid fees.

2. Reporting Guidelines

If you are subject to unacceptable behavior, harassment, or have any other concerns, please notify a staff member, event organizer, or another community member as soon as possible. You can also send your report via email to

If you witness unacceptable behavior, intervene immediately by addressing both parties directly, to tell the first person their behavior is inappropriate, and to ask the second person what they would need to feel safer or would like to have done about the situation, as well as notifying a staff member or event organizer.

3. Addressing Grievances

If you feel you have been falsely or unfairly accused of violating this Code of Conduct, you should notify staff or an event organizer with a concise description of your grievance.


This code of conduct has been derived from several open-source examples including: